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Cathi Lefton’s Closet Designs – A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place!!


Cathi Lefton has been designing custom closets for over thirty years.  Cathi provides each client with fresh ideas to make their organizational endeavors successful.  Because each solution is unique, Cathi designs every closet herself—you won’t have someone who was selling shoes last week trying to organize your life.  This ensures that each project meets her quality standards and is completed to her specifications. The Closet Design installation team is made up of carefully selected, experienced professionals who take great pride in seeing each job come to life. Cathi is proud of her company’s reputation of quick and efficient installation and clean-up.  Most closets are completed within hours, to our client’s complete satisfaction.  It’s no surprise that most of Cathi Lefton’s satisfied clients have come from referrals.




All materials used in the creation of your personalized system are of the highest quality and fabricated in Closet Design’s own shop.  You won’t pay extra for heavy-duty round, chrome rods and solid mica board shelving here—they are considered standard. Full extension drawers are also standard. Closet Designs also utilizes other laminates, strong and durable shelving materials which are available in scores of colors and textures to match any décor. Filled with important features, each innovative design will organize even the most impossible space with style. Closet Designs also builds each system to be fully adjustable, floor to ceiling. The short. 42” vertical panel does not exist with Closet Designs unless that is the actual ceiling height. At any time an area that is hung can be easily changed to floor to ceiling shelving—all with no tools involved!


At Closet Designs our goal is to help you maximize the use of the space you’ve got, no matter how great or small..   To accomplish this we use a variety of clever and functional accessories to fit your individual needs. We are always on the lookout for new and unique ideas to benefit your needs.


It’s time to get organized!!


Cathi Lefton’s Closet Designs help unclutter your clutter and clear the chaos. Cathi’s personalized systems of closets and shelving can create beautiful, innovative and organized spaces in your home, playroom, office or any place that needs to be organized. Cathi did your friend’s closets—let her do yours, too!!


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